Local Search Acting Strange

We’re making a public service announcement. Local search results are all kinds of messed up today. This isn’t a Local Viking or Local Brand Manager issue. Google itself is the cause of everyone’s woes. Something’s going haywire on the mothership. We’re not even sure we know the full extent of the issues, but we aren’t the only ones who noticed that something’s awry.

The reason we made this blog post is because GeoGrid search results are affected by whatever’s going on with Google. There’s a chance that some or all of the GeoGrid search results you got today are fine. Some search terms in some localities appear to be all right, but there’s enough of a problem that we felt a need to make a statement.

We don’t have a timeline for when these issues will be resolved. How could we? We plan to re-run all the scheduled GeoGrid search configurations that returned screwy results today once we’ve determined that local search is performing in the typical, not-quite-normal way that we’re all accustomed to.

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