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Hey, everyone. We need to rush through today’s blog post because of a Zoom call that turned into three Zoom calls.


First things first. We want everyone to know about a feature that the Local Viking and Local Brand Manager image galleries have. You can easily select numerous pictures by clicking on a picture, holding down the shift key, and clicking on another picture. That selects all of the pictures in between them. You can also selectively choose pictures that aren’t necessarily next to each other by holding the control key down (or the command key on Apple computers) and clicking on all the pictures you want to select. This is a handy thing to be aware of if you want to simultaneously export, schedule, or delete numerous pictures.

Some of you may realize that we just explained a standard keyboard shortcut. You’re correct about that. The thing is, our support team noticed that no one seems to be aware of this functionality. We wanted to spread the word.

Something interesting happened with Microsoft on January 11. Its market capitalization jumped above Apple’s for the first time in years. That means the combined value of all Microsoft stocks is greater than the combined value of all Apple stocks. Put more simply, it would cost $2.85 trillion to buy Microsoft and $2.84 trillion to buy Apple.

We’re not in the habit of putting financial information in our newsletter, but the fact that this happened is a good indication of how highly Wall Street values Microsoft’s commanding lead in the generative AI field. In the grand scheme of things, it’s also interesting that a tech giant that missed out on mobile computing (for the most part– we don’t want to belittle Windows Phone 8) found its way back to being king of the stock market hill. Apple regained its top spot in the meantime, but the fact that the frenemy corporations are neck-and-neck again is interesting in and of itself.

Most of you know that Google is eliminating its free Business Profile websites by now. If not, you can read the announcement here.

The websites will be phased out on March 1. After that, anyone visiting the URLs where those websites used to be will get redirected to the GBPs that were tied to them. That’ll last until June 24. After that, visiting a URL where a free GBP site used to be will result in a 404 error.

Nothing will change for you if you own your domain and pay for a hosting provider. That’s the majority of you. There’s no need to rush anything just yet if you’re using a free Google site, but you’ve only got 47 days to figure something out.

To close things out, did you know that Tweets with 240-259 characters get the most likes? Now you do. You can see a breakdown of ideal character counts for all social media platforms on HubSpot. Also, Meta just introduced new disclosure requirements for political advertising. If generative AI was used to place an ad on your screen, or used to create an ad that gets placed in front of you, you’ll be informed of it. Also, OpenAI announced ChatGPT Team for businesses on Wednesday. If you pay for a year, it’s $25 per user per month. If you pay by the month, it’s $30 per person per month. You can read more about it on OpenAI’s website.

One last thing before we leave. Take some advice from us and skip Napoleon. We wanted to like it. The trailer looks amazing. A movie about a battlefield mastermind should’ve been fascinating. It’s so bad though. It’s a puzzling collection of disjointed, context-free battle sequences. Talk about a letdown. Save yourself and spend your time more wisely than we did.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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