Google Posting Benefits For Business

How To Take Advantage Of Google Posting Features For Your Business

There are a ton of ways that you can utilize Google’s posting features in Google My Business! You can use these posts to showcase new products and services, promote events, and even use them to post daily specials from your business. An automated GMB posting system will have a ton of benefits for a business that wants prominent ranking for local search queries. Many webmasters and business owners are yet to figure out how to effectively use the new feature that has been rolled out by Google. This is because this feature doesn’t fit in the traditional channels like social media and blog posts.

Posting – Frequency and Benefits

Like most things in life, you can’t expect posting to throw your business into the first slot in Maps after just one or two uses. You need to continuously post to your listing on a regular basis in order to drive engagement with your target audience. But first, you need to create something that your consumers will actually want to engage with!

Early Adopter Attention

Those who adopt technology during the early stages usually have a competitive advantage when it takes off. Even if you’re not sure how to use the platform effectively, you will be glad you started when it was still hot. You will also have an advantage if your local SEO competitors are not using the feature. There is a reason why Google rolled it out and will become apparent as more business and webmasters adopt it. Depending on the industry you’re in, prospective customers may favor your company because of being an early adopter.

Improve Authenticity

Google loves authenticity and the new posting feature is an opportunity to showcase friendly and openly relaxed content to promote engagement with your target audience. As much as it is a new feature, you should make sure you have someone on the team who has an understanding of how the posting system works. This is to ensure that you maximize the opportunities that come when you show on maps, mobile, and desktop search results.

Personal Touch

The new feature presents the perfect opportunity to put a human face to your company. Potential customers are likely to engage with the brand if there is a personal touch to it. It is the perfect opportunity to showcase what makes your company truly unique. You can always find a voice that appeals to your audience depending on the niche of your business.

Generate Organic Traffic

Of all the traffic sources, organic traffic has the highest conversion rate. Anyone who has been doing SEO for a long time knows that it is now taking longer to rank than a few years ago. That is why you need to take advantage of any feature that could potentially increase your search traffic. Even there are no guarantees to ranking, use the feature can still a great addition to your SEO arsenal.

Trigger Backlinks

It is difficult for webmasters to link back to company’s websites’ when there is no personal authority or something exciting. When you post, you’re throwing high-quality content at the wall and there is a high chance some could stick. Creating natural inbound links will go a long way in improving your ranking in search engines

Automated Posting – The Comprehensive Solution

Using your GMB listing to get across relevant and new information about your business can give you a cutting edge when it comes to ranking in Maps and beyond. To learn more about automating your GMB posts, check out our full selection of services at


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