GeoGrid Service Area Business Rank Tracker Live!

Hello, my fellow Viking marauders! Our ever-popular GeoGrid local rank tracker is now compatible with service area businesses. We are the first and only solution to offer this in our industry, as far as I know. As you use the new feature set, please consider that we are constantly working on optimizing the workflow of our system and the time it takes to generate a grid is something we are always focused on improving without sacrificing the integrity of the results.

Let’s take a look at the updated interface to accommodate this beast.

geogrid rank tracking image

Legacy users will notice the addition of the “Map URL” option beside the business name, as well as the checkbox and radio buttons below that input bar. The SAB stands for “service area business” but just because that nomenclature is specific to SAB does not mean it will not deliver results for SABs. Your results will include storefronts. It really adds a dimension to the results that you just cannot get elsewhere.

Our first step is grabbing the URL for the GMB we want to run through the GeoGrid. Shoot over to Google Maps and throw in the company name or the keyword to find the business URL that you need to enter into Local Viking.

Once you select the business and click on it, copy that URL.

Head into your Local Viking dashboard and configure your GeoGrid search like so:

GeoGrid Service Area Business Rank Tracker

  • Select the “Map URL” tab
  • Paste the Maps URL into the box
  • Make sure you select the radio button to use the SAB option
  • Enter your keyword (Remember do not add geo modifiers or it will skew the results)
  • Select your desired grid size and point distance
  • Enjoy those Local Viking results 🙂

Once you click on the search button it will take a few seconds and then your query will go into our queue. Our little worker Vikings will get busy delivering the results for each of the nodes that you requested and you will get an email and a notification in the system when the report is ready. Please note, this usually only takes a few moments even for the 13×13 grid requests.

We are constantly optimizing the GeoGrid experience, so if you have any suggestions, bug reports, or anything in between, please hit up one of our engineers that hang out in the Local Viking live chat.

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  1. The Geogrid service is the best! Do you know how many clients it has gotten man? You basically just show a potential client that they are ranking 10 in google maps and show them their competitors and that is it. Case closed! They hate seeing that. Great tool, great service! Thanks guys!

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