Elevate Your Local Business Presence with a Google Business Profile Audit

In today’s digital era, a strong local online presence can make or break a business. This is where a Google Business Profile  (GBP) profile becomes crucial for small businesses looking to enhance their visibility. But how do you ensure that your GMB listing is optimized and stands out among competitors? This is where a comprehensive GMB feature audit comes into play.


What is a GMB Feature Audit?

A GBP feature audit is an in-depth analysis of your business listing and those of your five closest competitors. The aim is to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within your local online presence. Let’s dive into how such an audit can benefit your business and boost your local search rankings.

The Components of a GBP Feature Audit

1. Business Overview and Rankings

The first step in the audit is to understand where your business stands in local search results within your geographical area. This involves analyzing a Geogrid, which provides a snapshot of your business’s visibility across different parts of town. The Geogrid can highlight areas where your business performs well and areas that need improvement.

2. Google Maps Placement

Your business’s placement on Google Maps is vital for attracting local customers. The audit assesses how your GBP profile and your competitors’ listings are placed on Google Maps, allowing you to strategize accordingly.

3. Categories and Attributes

Choosing the right categories for your GBP listing is crucial for reaching the right audience. The audit reviews the primary and secondary categories chosen for each GMB listing, ensuring that they accurately represent your business and its services. For example, in a recent audit conducted for Graham Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, Inc., the categories were compared with those of its competitors to identify areas for optimization.

4. Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews are a significant factor in local search rankings. The audit analyzes the quantity, quality, and sentiment of customer reviews for each GBP profile, as well as the response rates and engagement levels. This helps you understand how well you’re engaging with your customers compared to your competitors.

5. Visual Content

Visual elements such as photos and videos can significantly impact customer perception. The audit evaluates the use of visual content on GBP listings, comparing the number of images, street views, and panoramas for each business. In Graham Plumbing’s case, the audit found opportunities for improvement in visual content to enhance its profile’s appeal.

6. Posts and Updates

GBP posts and updates provide a great way to engage with potential customers. The audit examines the frequency and content of posts on GBP profiles, assessing how effectively each business is using this feature. Regular posting can boost your visibility and show customers that your business is active and engaged.

7. JSON-LD Data

The audit uses JSON-LD, a structured data format, to crawl your business data and compare it with your competitors. This structured data can help improve your visibility in local search results by providing search engines with essential information about your business.

8. Quantity of Services

Finally, the audit looks at the quantity of services offered by your business and compares it with your competitors. This can help you identify potential service offerings to expand into or areas where you have a competitive advantage.


A GBP feature audit is a powerful tool for businesses looking to enhance their local online presence. By analyzing key components such as business rankings, Google Maps placement, categories, reviews, visual content, and more, this audit provides invaluable insights that can help your business stand out in local search results. If you want to elevate your local presence and outshine your competitors, a GMB feature audit is the way to go.

Sample Audit Report

To give you an idea of what a GMB feature audit looks like in action, here’s a sample report for Graham Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, Inc. The report highlights the various aspects discussed above and provides actionable insights for improving their GMB profile.

With the right information and a strategic approach, your business can dominate the local search results and attract more customers through an optimized GMB listing.

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