Using Google Posts For Your Business

How To Leverage The GMB Posting Feature For Your Company

Google, in a bid to help users and business owners enjoy a better experience, has introduced the Google Posts feature. With many businesses interested in improving their online search rankings, more businesses are choosing an automated GMB posting option to help them better push their businesses to their target audience without having to manually use Google’s posting feature. To better understand Google Posts, below is some of the information you need to know about how best to utilize Google Posts, where they appear in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), and more.

What Are GMB Posts

Google Posts were introduced as a feature which allows businesses with Google My Business (GMB) Listings to add texts and images directly to their GMB listing. The added photos and text will, in turn, appear when related search terms are sought for by users. The posts, however, play an important role, especially for small businesses that do not have a website or social media channel to post their updates and additional information such as promotional offers, events, sales, and more.

Setting Up GMB Posting

Making a post in your Google My Business page can be done by logging into your GMB account or through an already downloaded GMB app. Having a GMB app allows you to easily publish texts and photos on the go without being in front of your computer. The Google Posts can be as much as 300 characters and can be marked as an event with other details including the start and end date, time of the event, call to action options, and more. Posts no longer need to be manually created and posted when your business needs one, either. Instead, you can invest in posting automation software that allows you to schedule created event posts in advance for multiple GMB listings.

How Do Google Posts Help My Business?

Google posts present businesses with a wide array of benefits, especially as it provides them with a platform to share promotional materials and events in advance or on the go. The use of Google Posts play important roles which include, but are not limited to:

  • Can be used to promote flash sales by a store or a one-day-only promotional event. Using Google Posts ensures that internet users are prompted to be a part of the offer.
  • Allows businesses to share emergency information and updates such as closing dates, changes in logistics, inclement weather decisions, and more.
  • Allows businesses with very visual processes share photos
  • Allows clients an easy and straightforward avenue to book appointments, or make reservations for services.
  • Allows businesses to share open job positions for recruitment

Tracking Post Engagement

After taking time to make a post, chances are high that you want feedback for your efforts. This can be through Google reports which detail the number of views, URL Tagging, or coupon codes. The use of coupon codes can be an effective way to track the success of the Google Posts you have made as customers are bound to try out the code for their online purchases after reading your post.

The Future Of Google Posts For Business

At the moment, using Google posts is completely free for anyone with a GMB listing. In the future, this may become a paid tool from Google, thanks to its steady value to businesses and their clients.

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