Unlocking the Mystery: Do Opening Hours Influence Your GBP Profile’s Success?

Welcome to the bustling world of local search, where every detail counts and businesses vie for the spotlight on Google Business Profiles. Among the myriad of factors that could influence your visibility and attractiveness to potential customers, there’s one seemingly simple yet crucial aspect: your opening hours. But how significant are they? Let’s dive into the world of GBP to uncover the mystery surrounding opening hours and their impact on your business’s online presence.

The Significance of Opening Hours

At first glance, listing your opening hours on your GBP profile might seem like basic housekeeping. However, these hours are more than just informational—they’re a direct line of communication with your customers about when you’re available to serve them. Accurate and clearly stated opening hours set expectations and build trust. Imagine the disappointment of a customer who, after a long day, finds your doors closed despite your GBP profile promising you’d be open. It’s not just a missed opportunity; it’s a dent in your reputation.

The Role of Opening Hours in Local SEO

Search engines are in the business of providing users with the most relevant and convenient results. When customers search for businesses “near me” or for specific services, Google’s algorithms consider opening hours as a factor in relevance. A business that’s open when the customer needs it is more likely to be pushed to the top of search results. Moreover, Google’s Local Pack often highlights businesses that are open at the time of the query, giving them a visibility boost over competitors that are closed.

Over recent months, the Google landscape has been dynamic, with a plethora of tweaks, trials, and updates unfolding. This constant evolution has left many pondering the permanence of these adjustments.


Here is the research that we did

First Geogrid ran 3 hours before opening hours, second Geogrid ran during working hours Based on multiple Geogrids that we run daily we can state that opening  hours affect local ranks therefore  Run your Geogrids in the business hours

When setting up a Geogrid Configuration in Local Viking, select the time for the Geogrid to run during business hours.

The Verdict

Do opening hours influence your GBP profile’s success? Absolutely. They play a critical role in search visibility, customer satisfaction, and overall business reputation. By thoughtfully managing your opening hours on GMB, you’re not just sharing information; you’re enhancing the customer experience, boosting your local SEO, and setting your business up for success in the digital arena.

In the vast ocean of local search, every detail can be a lighthouse guiding customers to your shore. Make sure your opening hours shine brightly, signaling that you’re open, available, and ready to welcome those searching for what you have to offer.



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